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Tricks to Fight Colds when Holiday Season

As for something more radical – try regular sauna session. A personal garden sauna can be a dream come true, not only in winter, but all year round. What it does is it de-stresses you also, and being stressed makes you much more prone to sicknesses in general, but colds and influences at most, because stress brings your immune system down. Simple relaxation, meditation and spa can health you inside and out. Small sauna sessions are perfect to prevent flues as well as to hela them. Try steaming with bacteria killing oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, niaouli, rosemary and cedarwood essential oil. These are amazing for fighting and preventing colds.

If you enjoy hot bubbly water – try a Wooden Hot Tub from Spruce or Larch. Larch and Spruce are amazing materials for wooden tubs, and they as well have their benefits in fighting colds and flues. A short dip in hot water reduces stress, and fastens your blood circulation, and that directly means you will be healthier and fitter. Just like steaming with oils, you can add them directly to water in a wooden hot tub, the outcome will be the same – good!

De-stressing is very important during holiday season, since we humans tend to rush through it, and be glad it is over, instead of enjoying it – strong and healthy, well balanced and happy. Having a garden sauna in close reach every day or a wooden hot tub in your back yard can brighten up any celebration, insure you have a personal spa at home and help you with colds!