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Steps to Get Good Sleep

Turn off the gadgets

Turn off computers, mobiles, TVs and any other electronic goods before you retire to bed. Keep them away from bedroom.

Take a Nap

Either in the afternoon or in the evening, snooze for a while and nap can last up to 20 minutes or less. This is best to get yourself fresh look.

Switch off alarm

To avoid waking up too early, ensure to switch off the alarm. In case you practise it regularly, leave the alarm in a drawer or under your bed.

Treat Back Pain with a Pillow

Your sleep is taken away with back pain. To treat back pain, use a pillow between your legs and align your hips. This reduces stress and relaxes the back.

Sleep in Right Posture

Straight sleep inline with your nose with a soft pillow for neck helps the body greatly to get energized. The pillow should be either not too fat or too flat.

Fix your Mattress

If you find any holes or gaps in your mattress, seal them promptly. A variety of skin ailments like itchiness, sniffles and sneezes are caused by mattress. Cover and seal the mattress preferably with plastic, air-tight and dust-proof cover.

Maintain Sleep Schedule

Try to sleep in the same hours every day and during weekends. This routine will train your brain to create comfort for the body in those specific hours. With such practice, you get used to the sleep timings.

Avoid Caffeine

Coffee during night need to be avoided completely.

Prioritize workout

Regular exercise is the secret of good health. Choose to do workout at least 3-4 hours before bed and this could be yoga or any exercise.

Choose Healthy Diet

Avoid heavy meals as overloaded digestive system affects sleep. Choose only light meal.

Avoid Alcohol

Consuming alcohol at bedtime can make you feel very sleepy, but after the intoxication drops off, it will keep you awake overnight. Consider the intake of warm milk or tea.