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About Sleep Better

Get Active

Exercise is not only linked to good mental, social and physical health, it also promotes better sleep. Getting up, around and active, even in the slightest can see you better off when the sun goes down.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a little further away or get off the bus a stop early – every little helps.

Even breathing can play a big part in a good night’s sleep. Techniques can see blood pressure lower and the nervous system relaxed and see your calmed body has a better chance of sleeping well and waking up rested and ready.

Sleep on the Right Surface

Although it’s pretty common knowledge that the right bed mattress is essential for a nice, long slumber, many will put off replacing a mattress until there is no other choice.

Saggy, sunken beds will only see unproductive sleep and a not too happy camper come sunrise. If you’re struggling to get the best from your sleep, it may be time to consider a new mattress and getting rid of that old uncomfortable one you have now.

Limit Light

It’s pretty difficult to get to sleep when it’s not dark. That’s because light tells our brain that it’s time to be awake and the body tries to fight the symptoms of tiredness.

Limiting light exposure can have a tremendous impact on sleep as melatonin (a chemical that gets us ready for bed) production will not be so disturbed and make it easier to nod off later on.

This goes for lamps, lights and also screens. TVs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets all emit light that can hamper any hopes of easily nodding off.